Below are some helpful resources for use in a small group context. The sermon-based discussion guides follow our current and most recent sermon series.

Small Group Booklets

Lordship Booklet (pdf)

Discipleship Booklet (pdf)

Leadership Booklet (pdf)

Introduction to the Bible (pdf)

Finding Freedom (pdf)

Sermon-based Discussion Guides

The Secret of Generosity (Guide)

God Our Provider (Guide)

The Path to Prosperity (Guide)

God First (Guide)

A Look Ahead (Guide)

Forward Together (Guide)

Overcoming the Obstacles to Vision (Guide)

Strategic Alliances (Guide)

The Paradoxes of Vision (Guide)

The Enemy on the Outside (Guide)

Isolation (Guide)

Fear (Guide)

Compromise (Guide)

Pride (Guide)

Disillusionment (Guide)

Walking by Faith (Guide)

Living in a Crazy World (Guide)

Change the Rules (Guide)

Becoming Whole (Guide)

Take a Step (Guide)

Living With a Mission (Guide)

Expectations, Temptations, and Preparations (Guide)

Loving the Truth (Guide)

The Tree and the Vine (Guide)

The Long View (Guide)

Believing Is Seeing (Guide)

The Heart of Family (Guide)

Sons & Daughters (Guide)

Motherhood (Guide)

Fatherhood (Guide)

Redeeming Singleness (Guide)

The Art of Marriage (Guide)

The Purpose of Marriage (Guide)

Reach Across Racial Boundaries (Guide)

Give Your Money (Guide)

Talk With Somebody About Jesus (Guide)

Express Gratitude (Guide)

Serve (Guide)

Fast and Pray (Guide)

Confess (Guide)

Jesus Is Life (Guide)

Jesus Is Alive (Guide)

Jesus Is Lord (Guide)

Jesus Is Light (Guide)

Going With Jesus (Guide)

Embracing Catalytic Moments (Guide)

Renewing Our Minds (Guide)

The Mind and the Spirit (Guide)

Identity (Guide)

The Moralistic Mind (Guide)

A New Mind (Guide)

First Things First (Guide)

Face Your Fears (Guide)

Embrace the Unexpected (Guide)

The Risk of Hope (Guide)

Last Is First (Guide)

Cut It Off (Guide)

Sowing and Reaping (Guide)

Break the Rules (Guide)

When the World Shakes (Guide)

Life Is a Team Sport (Guide)

Think Soberly (Guide)

The New Mind (Guide)

A Living Sacrifice (Guide)

In View of God’s Mercy (Guide)

Defeating Darkness (Guide)

Redeeming Sex (Guide)

The Wrong Gods (Guide)

The Seduction of Sin (Guide)

Forgiveness (Guide)

Voices That Imprison Us (Guide)

James What Are You Investing In? (Guide)

James What Is Your Source? (Guide)

James Who Are You? (Guide)

James What Are You Saying? (Guide)

James What Are You Doing? (Guide)

James What Do You Want? (Guide)

James: What Do You Believe? (Guide)

The Missionary Heart of God (Guide)

Paul (Guide)

Leah (Guide)

David (Guide)

Moses (Guide)

Mary, Thomas, and Peter (Guide)

Jacob (Guide)

Abraham (Guide)

Divine Contemplation (Guide)