Supper Clubs are about building authentic community at FCP by connecting with other Freedom church attendants on our blocks, in our neighborhoods and small towns. We believe that something powerful and life giving can happen when we simply come together to share meals in our homes.

We hope you say yes to hosting. Guest RSVP page will Go Live April 16th, so fill out the contact info by April 10th below to have your host club as an option for members. For more details, please see below answers to some FAQs. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions, to Jeremy Moore at  


Essentially, the main requirement is availability… of your time, and your home. You would need to commit to a three hour block (recommended May 6th, 5:30-8:30) for a number of guests to gather at your home for a potluck style dinner. The maximum number of guests you can host is up to you. You can host a closed group (meaning you invite FCPchurchgoers vs. letting people sign up) or a hybrid of the two, however we strongly recommend you invite others who live within close proximity to you.

This is a potluck style affair, or B.Y.O.D(ish) for the cool kids. You do not need to provide the dinner. It may be a good idea to decide if you want to use your dinnerware/silverware or prefer paper/plastic products. We will draft a few email templates for all hosts to use and you will be able to communicate if you would want a guest to bring those items vs. a dish. 

Host sign-ups will end Monday April 10th. Guest registration will be open on Sunday, April 16th. Guest Registration will remain open through April 30th. Each club will show “open” on the website until all available guest spots have been filled at that location. You will get an email notification from Freedom Church when someone signs up for your club with their contact info and any dietary restrictions.

We will not share your home address during open registration. We will only share the general area (i.e. Graduate Hospital, University City, Collingswood, etc.). We will provide a message template from hosts to verified registered guests to be sent the week of where the host will be able to introduce themselves a little bit more and provide directions to their home. 

While we hope nothing is a deterrent from you opening up your home or for guests coming to your home, we do ask for disclosure of pets and/or if you have other potential challenges (i.e. 5th floor walk up, not suitable for kids, etc.). We do want this to be an event for the entire family though having a separate space for kids and/or a sitter is not a requirement. 

We want as many people to host as possible. If you want to link up with a friend from your small group in your area and host one larger supper club, we say DO IT!