Freedom Movement Worship is now accepting all auditions via video submissions. We’re so excited about all that Jesus is doing in our church and worship ministry, and we’re looking forward to seeing/hearing your videos!

We will review your videos and email you back if we have decided to move you forward in the audition process. If you play multiple instruments and want to audition with them all, we ask that you submit videos for each. This includes vocalists who also play instruments.

If you have not filled out our online application, please do so by clicking the following link . APPLICATION FOR FM WORSHIP (scroll to the bottom of the creative teams page)


  • Video submissions will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. You will receive an email letting you know if we would like you to come in for a live callback.
  • We are only accepting auditions through video submissions at this time. 
  • If you want to audition for multiple instruments, or an instrument and vocals, you will need to submit separate videos for each.
  • Please submit video via YouTube.
  • Under privacy settings, select “UNLISTED” and title with “(YOUR NAME-FREEDOM CHURCH WORSHIP AUDITION-INSTRUMENT/VOICE.”
  • Copy and paste the link to your video in the email.
  • Submit to



*BPMs & Meters are listed. Please play to an audible metronome.

Drums:  Play “Peace Be Still” beginning at Chorus 1 BPM: 72 Meter: 4/4 &  “Mercy” beginning at Verse 2 / Chorus 2 /Bridge BPM: 72 Meter: 4/4.

Bass: Play “In Hope”  Key: B BPM: 133 Meter: 4/4.  Play Spirit Break Out from Verse 2 to the end Key: G BPM: 83 Meter: 4/4.

Electric Guitar:  Play “GratefulKey: A BPM: 93 Meter: 4/4 & “PraisesKey: B BPM: 78 Meter: 4/4.

Acoustic Guitar:  Play “O Come to the Altar”  Key: B BPM: 141 Meter: 6/8.

Keys:  Play “AwakenedKey: D BPM: 140 Meter: 6/8.  Play “Do It Again Key: Bb BPM: 86 Meter: 4/4.

Synth:  Play “You Are Good”  Key: B BPM: 84 Meter: 4/4. Play “GratefulBPM: 93 Meter: 4/4

Other:  If you play an instrument other than those listed above, then please provide us with any recording of you playing that instrument. We do not use different instruments often, but we do keep a list of potential people we can contact when necessary.


Male: Sing “We ReceiveOriginal Key: D  & “There Is A CloudOriginal Key: D

Female:  Sing “Mercy” Original Key: F# & “King of My Heart” Original Key: A