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  1. Good message!! Same as sometime we did not recognize godly people at all. When I was 25 years old newly married my husband and I drove by a farm and stop for some reason than we saw a older person 6 1/2 feet tall and standing in the middle of no where. So my husband walked toward him that person turn around and said to my husband “where are you going with the treasure”. I was behind my husband. So my husband said, “I think we take wrong street” but the guy said, “no you are good”, the guy saw me and said ” Do not afraid”. Then he turned to my husband and said “I am a blind and deaf person and do not know where I am”. So my husband laughed and we went from their. Within 2 months, I found out my pregnancy (my first born) and opened 2 new businesses. My husband thought that, that was prophecy for wealth but now I am thinking that, that guy was a godly person and his prophecy was divine not earthly. Same as Pastor Gab said, “sometimes unexpected meetings changed our lives forever”. (Forgive me my English is not that good)

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