Why the Bible Is a Big Deal

This is the first message in a series titled “Words to Live By.” Throughout this series we will be discussing the role the Bible plays in the lives of believers, and how we can become better at hearing God speak to us through His written Word. In this first message, titled “Why the Bible Is a Big Deal,” we look at some of the ways Jesus used the Old Testament Scriptures in His life and ministry. Jesus’ high view of the Scriptures gives an implicit argument for why modern people should also take a high view of the Bible. In addition, Jesus provides us with practical examples of how we should use the Scriptures in our lives.

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  1. Greeting!
    Great question Pastor Gabe, “God what have for my life?” The answer will come when we read and meditate on God’s Words. It is just like that when we are standing on the ocean shoreline and water touched our feet and its deepest power did not reveal on us unless we go forward. when I started reading Bible and I knew through His Words that I have to empty myself first (knowing myself and greatest worldly desire in me, that was the hardest mathematical equation for me), and without knowing that we did not understand God’s Divine Words. This is a life long process when we know ourselves and than we find Him more.
    For new Bible readers if you want to know God through His Words, apply these Words on your own life and than you find out why JESUS said, “go and learn”. Blessing to all.

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